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About Us

Rebel Custom and Boutique Guitars

Rebel Custom and Boutique Guitars are handmade, often one off originals that either improve on existing and familiar body shapes or form original shapes.

Regardless of which, they always contain intelligent switch options via discrete Push/Pull knobs or toggle switches that allow the guitarist to control every aspect of their sound. More importantly, these switch options allow the guitarist to extract as much tone from the guitar as possible. 

These options have only been available in the most premium of guitars in the past and even then, never all these options in the same instrument.

In Rebel Custom Guitars, they are installed discretely, and are there to be used if the guitarist chooses to. Otherwise they sit idle and out of the way, allowing the guitarist full control.

In addition to the clever modern electronics, all Rebel Custom Guitars use fine and proven woods for the best tone in all construction. Our preference is Mahogany for most bodies, Canadian Maple for our necks and Brazil or Indian Rosewood for the fretboards. For known classics such as Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters and Telecasters, we use Alder in body reproduction.

The final component of the perfect guitar, created for a musician who is a connoisseur of tone, we use Tone Hunter Pickups. Tone Hunter Pickups are hand wound or scatter wound as required, and produce classic PAF tones with higher output in the case of ALNICO magnet types or extremely HOT, Screaming pickups when Ceramic is the only option.

We do however include the best on market pickups as appropriate and where that particular sound reproduction is preferred. For example, our Jimmy Page Replica collection uses Gibson Ceramic pickups for a hot reproduction of Jimmy Page's #1 and Seymour Duncan "Whole Lotta Humbucker" set for that non wax potted '70's sound in Jimmy's #2. We also regard highly, pickups by SLIDERS in Sydney, especially for vintage and true Stratocaster tones, and we are the Australian Distributor of DOMINGER Pickups from USA, for those times when true custom wiunds, colours and tones are called for.  

If your style is classic blues, modern rock or shredding metal, and everything in between, Rebel Custom and Boutique Guitars is your premium partner for TONE!