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Tone Hunter Custom Pickups

Tone Hunter Pickups are hand wound or scatter wound as required, and are made in two basic types ;

ALNICO Magnets;

- These produce the classic PAF tones of the late '50's Gibson Les Pauls but with higher output and modern wax potting to avoid annoying microphonic feedback.


- These are extremely HOT, Screaming pickups when Ceramic is the only option.


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  • Tone Hunter "Kalamazoo" PAF Neck + Bridge Set
    TONEHUNTER "KALAMAZOO" Humbuckers ToneHunter Pickups "Kalamazoo" PAF's ! Made in the USA in the tradition of Gibson's vintage PAF's; non-wax potted, 42AWG enamel wire on ALNICO 2 or 5 magnets, maple wood spacer and nickel baseplate ensure the tone is as close as possible to the legendary 50's..
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  • Tone Hunter ALNICO OverDrive Neck + Bridge Set for Telecaster Style Guitars
    The Tone Hunter Dual Rail Mini-Humbucker is the perfect size to fit into a single coil slot. It is the perfect solution therefore, when a full size humbucker tone is required but you only have a single coil size pickup route in your Telcaster style Guitar. The pickup features 2 Coils f..
  • Tone Hunter PAF OverDrive Neck + Bridge Set
    TONEHUNTER "PAF Over-Drive" Humbuckers The ToneHunter PAF Overdrive Humbucker is constructed to capture the iconic humbucker sounds of the Patent Applied For pickups designed for Gibson.  Like the originals, these are made using 42awg gauge enamel wire to preserve the EQ of the origin..
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