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JRD Blue Cross - High Output Guitar with Ultimate Switch Options

JRD Blue Cross - High Output Guitar with Ultimate Switch Options

Brand: Rebel Custom Guitars
Product Code: RCG-BC-1
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Price: A$2,250.00

JRD Blue Cross - High Output Guitar with Ultimate Switch Options.

The JRD Blue Cross is a Solid Mahogany Body guitar with a Mahogany Neck and Rosewood fretboard for great tone.

It has 24 jumbo stainless steel frets with unique Blue Cross inlays beautifully carved into the fretboard. 

The Blue Cross carries Ceramic Blade Pickups for higher output with the `blade' design providing consistent mid tones across all strings. These pickups are our proprietary and exclusive Tone Hunter "Black on Black Double Blade" humbuckers in high end Ceramic Ferrite that produce high output overdrive and HOT distortion with most pedals and amplifiers. 

The Neck Humbucker has an output of 10k, the Middle Humbucker is 12k and the Bridge is 16k, so when all are connected together in series (ie in position 3 with the push button pressed), these produce a massive 36k output. The switching allows the guitarist to control that massive power, via a simple 5 Way switch and options for Single Coil and Out of Phase plus a patented toggle switch that allows the neck pickup to be connected to the bridge in positions 1 and 2 and all three together in position 3.

Blue Cross has a licensed Floyd Rose bridge, with a double locking system and a 43mm nut.  We have made a very unique modification to this bridge by drilling through the string holders to allow the strings to be inserted through these thereby eliminating the need to cut the balls off the string or tighten in the saddle. We call this unique modification "Top Loader" and means quicker and easier string changes but also more tuning stability since the string is in a straight line from the bridge, all the way through the lock nut, retainer and to the tuners. 

Tuners are Wilkinson and the strap locks are Schaller Locking.

Like all the world's best and most premium guitars, the Blue Cross is setup by Plek Machine for ultimate playability


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