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ToneWood Series #1 - Black Edition

ToneWood Series #1 - Black Edition

Brand: Rebel Custom Guitars
Product Code: RCG-CB-2
Price: A$1,450.00

ToneWood Series #1 - Black Edition!

The Rebel Custom Guitars ToneWood Series #1 - Black Edition is as natural as a guitar can get! The Quilt Maple Top sits ontop of a Mahogany Semi Hollow body and Neck and is finished in a delicate looking but protective TruOil finish. TruOil is a gunstock treatment that is made up of a combination of Danish and Lemon oils blended with polymers that cure in air to form a protective finish. Unlike polyurethane finishes, TruOil allows the pores of the wood to open and close with temperature and climate to breathe and function as naturally as wood can.That translates to Tone, and the semi hollow body captures the wood tone and releases it to the humbuckers from the inside and through the F-hole cutout.

The humbuckers are special ToneHunter "TRUE PAF" pickups that are made to the same recipe of the 1950's PAF pickups used by Gibson in their Les Pauls. So they are 42AWG enamle coated wire, wrapped in un-even winds, with maple wood spacer and on nickle backplates. The only difference is that the original 50's PAF's used butyrate for the bobbins whereas the Tonehunter range uses modern plastic. 

The ToneWood Series #1 - Black Edition also has genuine Ebony pickup mounting rings to match the Ebony fretboard, as well as matching ebony knobs. The pots themselves are push/pull to provide special functions and the toggle switch is a custom 6 position switch which provide standard switching on one side (ie neck, Neck  + Bridge, Bridge) and the same on the other side but in Single Coil.

The pots provide functions for Series/Parrallel connection of humbucker coils, as well as a Master Series/Parra for the humbuckers and also an Out of Phase function.

The guitar has a genuine B500 Bigsby bridge, coupled with an LSR nut and a special roller bridge. This is a much more stable tuning setup than a Floyd Rose as there is no friction anywhere in the system. 

The tuners are Kluson 6 in line locking tuners and the back of the head stock features an allen key holder with two allen keys for adjustments to the custom roller bridge.

All this adds up to mean one thing; Incredible Tone!



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