Funky Claude
The Alpine
The Spartan
The Rebel Mk II
The Rebel Mk I

Black Knight Mark III2020

Odyssey: Genesis2019

Odyssey: '592019

V-90 Hybrid2018

Jimmy Page '71 EDS-1275 Replica2018

Shelby SuperSnake Tribute2018

Cherry Phoenix Mk II2017

Cherry Phoenix Mk I2016

Tennessee Whiskey2017

The Coast2017

Lyn Hinds Signature V-Bass2017

David Hinds Signature V-Guitar2017

Cherry Bomb Mark III2017

Cherry Bomb Mark II2016

Cherry Bomb Mark I2015

Purple Star Dust2016

Tonewood Series - Black Edition #12016

Tonewood Series - Black Edition #22016


Ritchie Blackmoore Signature Replica - Lefty2015

Jimmy Page '69 Black Beauty Replica2015

Custom Rebel Strat Body matched to '97 Fender Neck and '92 LACE Pickup Pickguard2015

BonaPage - modified Les Paul combining Bonamassa good looks with Page Switching.2015

JRD Blue Cross2015

Modified ES335 with custom top and custom hardware2015

Custom 1990 Fender Stratocaster2015

Jimmy Page #2 Les Paul Replica2015

Jimmy Page #1 Les Paul Replica2015

Custom Rebel Body with '97 Strat Neck and Fender ULTRA Specs.2015

Custom 1990 Stratocaster with Custom LipStick Pickups and switching2015

Shelby GT350 Tribute2015


Rebel VM-12014

The Reaper2014