“Kalamazoo” Custom PAF Style Cream Bobbin Humbuckers by ToneHunter

“Kalamazoo” Custom PAF Style Cream Bobbin Humbuckers by ToneHunter


These Humbuckers are made in full alignment with classic Gibson PAF humbuckers, but with some modern `corrections’. These corrections include 4wire conductor cable that allows maximum potential for all switching possibilities, alignment to construction techniques and a conscious winding pattern that improves on the original design issues during a time of development for Gibson.


  • Vintage and Overwound output option
    • 7k – 8k Neck
    • 8k-9k Bridge
  • Exposed Bobbins
    • Cream in this case, Black and Zebra also available
  • 42 AWG enameled coil wire wound around the bobbins in specific PAF pattern for tone.
  • Unpotted (Non-Waxed) just as the originals were prior to the High Gain needs of Heavy Metal
  • Black paper tape around the coils, Maple wood spacer, Nickel-Silver baseplate just as the originals
  • Choice of Alnico II, III or Alnico 5 magnets
  • Four-conductor shielded lead wires with separate ground


Weight 2 kg
Pickup Type

Traditional Gold, non aged, beautifully plated, Vintage spec Nickle, Vintage style cream exposed bobbins, Black exposed bobbins


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