The gorgeous Rebel Mark II

You’ve no doubt already seen the beautiful guitar we called The Rebel. That was the first of it’s series and therefore the prototype – although each guitar we make is a unique original and therefore each one is a prototype.

This guitar has some very unique appointments to make it earn the rank or unique!

Initially you’ll notice the R air hole that is a very clever way to accommodate a semi acoustic’s breathing requirements whilst at the same time, branding the Rebel brand and moniker of this guitar.

Well, just when you thought the Rebel series couldn’t get better, we release the Rebel Mark II in all it’s magnificent Quilted Maple Glory!

The Mark II starts with a magnificently cut, 1/2″ Quilted Maple top over a 1 and 1/4″ Red Alder back to make a perfectly balanced body in a beautiful oil finish.

In addition, we continue our love for the 4 pots on a Tele shape design because the best thing about that is that these are Push/Pull pots that together with the 6 position toggle switch, treat the humbuckers to an array of tones that are endless. From parallel to series connectivity in the coils of each pickup, to single coil switching and of course Out of phase and Series / Parallel Master, there are possibilities, and a mixture to meet any requirement for any song and style.

But you’ll want to see pics no doubt. So click though to the gallery and check this amazing guitar.

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  1. great prices/products/store/seller. very helpful with any enquiries: simply the best!!!!….guitar quality for price outperforms any custom shop fender guitar

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